Download Bluepay Wallet

Download the app to test the Bluepay performance


Bluepay communicates with you in 3 colors

Blinking white

In this case, you must bring your mobile phone closer to Bluepay, you will see the amount and name of the acceptor on the application, and payment will be made by touching the pay button.


This color means that your payment was successful.


This color means that the payment process has encountered an error.

Bluepay is coming from the future

Using the latest BLE technology will revolutionize the payment industry. Just bring your mobile phone closer to the device to change the white flashing light to green.

Advantages of Bluepay

There are compelling reasons to replace Bluepay with other POS devices. Our team is also determined to implement the three principles

  • Permanent research
  • Check user feedback
  • Continuous device development and support


With multi-layered and encrypted security, payments are made in a secure environment.


Bluepay can easily service all different bank accounts and wallets.

Affordable Price

Bluepay is much cheaper than existing POS machines.

Environment Lover

Bluepay consumes no paper and prevents many trees from being cut down each year.